We understand that disputes stir up complex and intense emotions, which can be difficult to navigate alone. However, taking your circumstances to court can take the issue out of your hands, resulting in a lack of control and solutions you don’t like or agree with. Mediation is an innovative alternative that gives you full control of the outcome which results in better outcomes!

At Mediating Minds, we offer a safe and comfortable space with skilled professionals to help you to feel heard so you can come to an agreement that acknowledges the needs of all parties. Let’s craft a win/win solution today.

Lisa Mediating Minds

About Lisa Foley, LCSW

As the Founder and Clinical Director of both Mediating Minds LLC and Healing Minds LLC, Lisa Foley is an expert communicator and is able to effectively provide boundaries and guidelines for parties to follow, quickly setting the stage for agreements in complex situations. She is able to readily grasp the details of a conflict in order to understand the essence of it. Lisa is warm and energetic and is able to maintain multiple perspectives in an effort to be effectively helpful. With patience and perseverance, Lisa will provide a clear head and help find a path through conflict and into the positive possibilities once a settlement has been reached.

Lisa applies her background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and professional mediator to help people agree on a path forward with an open and positive frame. With many years of experience working with individuals and families, she understands the complexities of these relationships and applies her unique and dynamic skillset to identify problems and swiftly guide all parties toward an agreeable solution.

Lisa approaches mediation with a warm and caring perspective, engaging with people with a direct and compelling approach to help them agree on a solution and move forward.

Jan Budetti Mediating Minds

Jan Budetti, LCSW

Conflict and resolution are two sides of the same coin – Haresh Sippy
Jan Budetti earned her Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and has been a practicing LCSW for 35 years. From a solution focused approach, Jan now brings her talents to the innovative field of mediation. She is knowledgeable, reasonable and trustworthy and possesses that rare gift of understanding complex situations from multiple perspectives. Jan’s expert communication skills can help you craft your solution. It is her belief that in providing a safe and caring environment each person’s voice can be heard with the reasonable outcome of a mutually beneficial resolution.

cody mediating minds

Cody Remaklus, EBA, MFA, CFP

Bringing 10+ years of native Nevadan real estate and property management expertise to mediation, Cody is uniquely qualified to provide that impartial, neutral, reasonable and knowledgeable voice in the heat of a complex real estate situation. Cody believes that mediation in the field of real estate offers opportunities for solutions that before now, have been resolved mainly through costly and protracted litigation.

As an advocate for reason, for a meeting of the minds and whenever possible ‘win-win scenarios’, Cody is committed to being a third, impartial party in conflict resolution and negotiations. Able to analyze the fine details within a contract and navigate the language of a dispute to help clarify “points of contact” within an agreement.

Dee Dee Cloud, EBA, CRB, CEBA

“Let’s come to the table, remove emotional obstacles and find win/win solutions”

Dee Dee Cloud is a native Nevadan and is an expert in real estate, property management, titles and liens, foreclosure, divorce, and property settlement. She brings her expertise to Mediating Minds in order to help people reach agreements and get on with their lives. A mediation session is a highly energized process for all involved. Dee Dee is present and mindful throughout the process which allows for parties to really understand each other. Dee Dee is an expert information gatherer which is so important because, in the exploration, understanding can take place.

Her knowledge and experience in Real Estate, property management, real estate counseling, mortgages, title & escrow, liens, foreclosure, divorce forensics, and property disputes is an important component to resolutions.
Dee Dee’s brilliant mind and vast business and negotiation skills bring the key skills of neutrality, impartiality, and trustworthiness to the table.

Marja Marting Mediating Minds

Marja Marting, BS, BA

Born in Indonesia and raised in the Netherlands, Martja brings a lifetime of knowledge and reason to the field of professional mediation. When cases come to a mediator, they are stuck.

They may be stuck for a variety of emotional, financial or other reasons. Through skillful and subtle choreography of conversations, Marja will help you think about the barriers to resolution and settlement in new ways. With this degree of control, parties do not feel bullied and experience greater satisfaction, not only with the outcome but also with the process and the performance of their positions and presentations.

Molly Mediating Minds

Molly the Goldendoodle

Molly of Mediating Minds brings all the loves and feels for your pleasure and enjoyment. Her sweet cuddles can give you the strength to craft an agreement you can get excited about and feel good about later.