How to Win Child Custody Mediation

How to Win Child Custody Mediation

One unpleasant part of divorce is handling child custody. Each parent likely feels that they’re more entitled to having full or primary custody of their child. When you can’t agree with your partner, then it’s time to turn to mediation. During mediation, you’ll be able to use a third party who can communicate on your behalf.

The idea behind mediation is to have an unpleasant conversation become productive and effective. Winning child custody means that the best outcome for the child is reached.

If you’re sitting down for a child custody mediation, then you may want to know how you can win it. Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Check Your Emotions

The number one reason that people lose child custody mediation is that they’re unable to control their emotions during the talk. Explosive tempers will not win your child’s custody. It’s understandable that it may be difficult to cool your anger. After all, your partner likely knows the best ways to push your buttons.

However, it’s vital that as soon as you approach the mediation door, that you swallow your pride, anger, and irritation before walking inside. Mediation requires both parties to remain neutral and with the child’s best interests at heart.

Staying cool also helps you think rationally. This can give you an edge. When the court is deciding who should earn child custody, they’ll likely choose a parent who is rational and controlled rather than someone whose emotions get the best of them.

2. Listen to Your Child

At the very heart of child custody mediation is your children. This is all about them. Shouldn’t they get an opinion, too? It may be difficult to hear their opinion, but you should still listen to them. They may even have a few ideas that you have considered. If you want the best for your child, then listening to what they have to say is a good practice.

If you truly want to win at child custody mediation, then valuing the opinion of your children, no matter how it might make you feel, is important.

3. Consider Sharing Custody

While emotions may drive you to want to leave the other parent out in the cold, you should reconsider. Single parenthood isn’t easy. You may not have the financial stability to care for yourself and your child on your income alone. This may lead to you needing to make sacrifices that could endanger both yourself and your child.

Sharing custody can help relieve some of the financial load. It can also help you if you ever run into a pinch where you can’t pick up your child from somewhere. Instead of leaving them stranded, the other parent could be there to help.

In this regard, you need to think rationally rather than emotionally. Having another parent around could prove to be helpful in the long-run. It could also ensure that your child is safe, cared for, and given the best opportunity to develop into a healthy and sound adult.

4. Separate Partner from Parent

A lot of people going through a divorce view their spouse as being a lousy partner. However, just because they weren’t a great spouse doesn’t mean that they’re not a great parent. This is something you should consider before claiming full custody. Do you really want to take your child away from someone who might teach them valuable life lessons that you’re unable to teach?

Hire an Expert

Further advice and tactics can be taught by an experienced custody mediator at Mediating Minds. We can make the difference between winning and losing. Utilize an expert mediator today.