Parenting Coordination Service

Every parent has the opportunity to be an inspirational role model for their children. It ought to be known, parents are top models for their kids and they have a powerful influence on their lives. Parenting Coordination can be useful because it has been designed to assist parents.

A parenting coordinator is often registered by a court if the parents agree to this added coordination. Usually a background in psychology is part of their education, our parenting coordinators is a specifically trained professional.

Parenting Coordination is going to provide parents with opportunities to make improvements in the lives of children and parents. This is intended for parents who are no longer together and strive to keep their children balanced and confident. This concept is viewed as an Alternative Dispute Resolution process. The coordinator will be a representative and will prevent a judge from making your family decisions for you.

Parent Coordination can be helpful to families because the entire process is led by professional standards and ethical practices are part of the offerings. Parents can work with a trained PC for as long as they are needed. The customized needs, of each unique family, are taken into consideration. All of the financial arrangements are intended to be transparent and upfront. This process will help both parents to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of their children. Parents can expect to resolve conflicts and enhance their communication. Families have the ability to enjoy valid harmony amongst themselves which adds to the quality of life. A PC is a neutral party (third) and can help with education, relationships, schedules and everything in between. The goal is to work toward common goals and find fair solutions that work for everyone. A PC will not make your decisions and will have the ability to provide valuable recommendations.

Reduce Stress – all children need their parents and they need a sense of security. All parents need less stress, in their lives, in order to be enjoy solid relationships with their children. Parenting coordination will help children to worry less and spend more of their time being kids. They will have the chance to seek out activities which are fun rather than be involved in chronic conflicts. Children will be able to recharge and learn to relax more and stress less. Children will have a reduction in stress because their lives will be more balanced and less chaotic

Reduce Time In A Courtroom – parents will have trained guidance to help them with their children. The court system will not be needed because a PC will have good negotiating skills. The personalized attention will allow children to build trust and gain confidence in themselves without judgements from a system that does not know their unique needs nor their personal circumstances. Families will learn how to navigate their lives and learn how to balance their own needs. Children will be able to get their own needs met, legal issues tend to get resolved quickly when there is a third party facilitating the transition. A PC will be able to assist with the court rulings without being an enforcer. This is a facilitating role and the goal is obtain family solutions rather than more family rulings

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