Sharing intimate and personal details about personal things can be emotionally difficult. At Mediating Minds, we approach mediation with compassion and a neutral point of view as we work through the rough spots to design a solution. Our goal is to facilitate a discussion that allows everyone to be heard and move to an agreement that addresses the needs of all parties using innovative communication skills and a neutral and trustworthy frame.

While some agreements can be finalized quickly, we understand yours may be more complicated. We respect your decision to make time to address this issue, and we will do our part to make the most of your time by guiding a productive, thorough conversation. We will understand your conflict and smooth the way to resolution.

Our caring team of mediators is dedicated to mediation services, including those that involve:

Home Owner Association Disputes
Elder Care
Custody & Visitation
Co-Parenting Plans
Property Disputes
Business Conflicts
Union Negotiations
Real Estate
Small Claims