Welcome to Mediating Minds

Welcome to Mediating Minds

Welcome to Mediating Minds, a safe, private and supportive environment for you to reach productive and creative personal solutions. We’d like to send a warm hello and tell you about the process and ethics of mediation and introduce you to our team of qualified professional mediators. We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you all about our philosophy and approach at Mediating Minds LLC.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a formal, interactive dispute intervention process where parties come to agreement without taking legal action. Sessions are mediated by a qualified, professional and neutral third-party to reach solutions that benefit and are agreed upon by all parties involved. Mediation sessions are held in an environment that is comfortable, safe and cordial.

Unresolved conflict is expensive and disruptive. Mediation offers a constructive approach that focuses on coming to consensus and agreements. Mediators are neutral and maintain confidentiality. We are unbiased and invested only in the process of finding solutions! This allows disputing parties to keep their situation out of the courtroom and into a private space with no legal involvement, no public record and no antagonistic pressure. The process is often much more affordable than traditional legal services and leads to lasting positive agreements. Mediated agreements provide better adherence and improved psychological outcomes for all parties involved as opposed to protracted litigation.

We provide the space, the tables and the expert mediators in a safe and professional environment. Call us today to reserve your space at the table. 775-686-6711

Our Approach At Mediating Minds

No matter where a dispute originates, we understand that the situation is emotional and psychologically draining on everyone involved. At Mediating Minds LLC, we want our clients to feel that they can openly express their emotions, feel like they’re being fully acknowledged and can be confident that their needs are being met as we work to craft individualized agreements.

A win/win solution is what we are working towards and we strive to offer a place that is safe and civil and will keep your dispute out of any sort of legal disarray. We want our clients to feel that they have empowered themselves to create a solution that will work for them and their loved ones instead of turning their power over to the court system.

Our team of qualified mediators comes with extensive backgrounds in a variety of areas. Our versatility allows us to guide disputing parties to reach agreements no matter where their disagreement arises from.

At Mediating Minds LLC we facilitate disputes involving:

  • Divorce
  • Family
  • Elder Care
  • Separation
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Parenting Plans
  • Child Support
  • Property
  • Business
  • Union
  • Real estate

Meet Lisa

We’d like to introduce the mind behind it all, Lisa Foley. Lisa Foley, LCSW is the owner and Clinical Director of both Mediating Minds LLC and Healing Minds LLC. She comes with extensive clinical experience and training in interpersonal effectiveness and conflict resolution. She understands the complexity of relationships and family separation and feels mediation could be a critical part of family disputes, divorces and custody battles. Lisa understands that the best psychological outcomes arise from mediation as opposed to litigation. Her goal at Mediating Minds LLC is to help families reach civil resolutions that are right for everyone involved, including children, and keep families out of prolonged problems inside of a courtroom whenever possible.

What You Can Expect From Us At Mediating Minds

We’ll be using our platform as a resource for lawyers, judges, disputing parties and families to learn more about the mediation process and its benefits.

For lawyers and judges involved in the legal system, our goal is to provide an insight into our knowledge of alternative problem solving and to work together to create resolutions.

As for disputing parties and families, we hope to be a resource for compromise and a system of support and unbiased guidance when needed.

Thanks for Being Here

We appreciate you being here with us! To learn more about Mediating Minds LLC, the mediation process and our services, please visit Our Approach page.