what is meditation?2019-09-30T21:44:33+00:00

Mediation is a formal process that empowers and facilitates interested parties to resolve disputes out of the courtroom and into a private, calm and professional environment. Mediation has no public record, legal formalities, or adversarial pressures. The process is voluntary, confidential and can be terminated at any time. Upon agreement, all records are destroyed and mediators cannot be called to testify. The Alternative Dispute Resolution process is an advanced communication format that allows you to freely express your point of view through a focused and formal discussion. Our mediators use expert listening to understand your point of view and to then facilitate greater understanding of our own and others’ perspectives. Our professional staff provide structure and expert guidance to assist you in your confidential and private matters.

Mediating Minds provides a peaceful and comfortable space that allows people to work through disputes and come to an agreement with the guidance of a neutral third-party. Our offices are designed with you in mind, providing healthy nourishment during difficult work so that mind, body and spirit are working together for the benefit of all parties.

As a constructive, affordable alternative to litigation, mediation focuses on creating an agreement, rather than prolonging an argument. For this reason and many others, mediation is a more affordable option that often results in more positive outcomes than disputes handled through legal action.

Who is mediation for?2019-07-18T13:14:16+00:00

Mediation is for parties who are looking to find an agreeable solution involving divorce, separation, custody, parenting plans, child support, property, elder care, real estate, business, and any other kind of human conflict. As unique as people are, there are equally unique conflicts. What would it feel like if your conflict was resolved? Let’s find some common ground and work from there.

What is the role of a mediator?2019-07-18T13:14:49+00:00

A mediator acts as a neutral third-party that assists parties in coming to an acceptable agreement that respects the perspective of everyone involved. Mediators are trained to facilitate productive conversations that result in positive, long-lasting outcomes.

What is the difference between a mediator and a lawyer?2019-07-18T13:14:54+00:00

While lawyers are hired to take one position, our professional mediators promote conversations that lead to a healthy agreement between disputing sides by looking at all sides of a conflict. Our investment is in resolving the conflict, not finding issues to prolong the battle.

Is mediation the same as going to court?2019-07-18T13:15:24+00:00

No. Mediation is a dignified and rational alternative to going to court that focuses on cooperative, solution-oriented discussions guided by a neutral and unbiased third-party. Unlike legal services, mediation is less expensive, more convenient, more productive, confidential, supportive and civil. Research has proven that mediated agreements are more reliably adhered to and provide improved psychological benefits for all parties involved as opposed to protracted litigation.

How does my case or situation reach mediation?2019-07-18T13:15:49+00:00

Mediation is purely voluntary. Cases can be self-referred by any party that is involved in the situation. They can also be referred by lawyers, court systems and elected officials. Please call us today to find out more.

Is mediation binding?2019-07-18T13:16:07+00:00

Yes. Mediation can result in a binding, legal, signed agreement when all parties agree on a compromise and sign a written settlement. Your mediator will assure that you have a clearly written, easily understandable written document upon settlement. The language belongs to the parties, not the mediator.

How long does mediation take?2019-07-18T13:16:33+00:00

Mediation varies depending on the situation. Some agreements may be finalized in a few hours, while some take more time. We respect the time it takes to address differences and create solutions. Our offices are open Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm for your convenience. Tables are booked in 2-3 hour blocks.

How much does mediation cost?2019-07-18T13:17:01+00:00

Mediation services cost $200 per hour at Mediating Minds. A retainer is typically required. Call us today @ 775-686-6711 to discuss your case further.